Sunday, 24 November 2013

Chihuahua's Are Kinda Cute

It's been that time again!  That time where I get out the old camera and visit TinyTChi Chihuahuas.

I love my job... I have all the best fun... Seriously... You'll agree looking at these little cuties.

I never believed when starting my career in photography that I'd spend so much time taking pictures of Chihuahua puppies.  Aren't they adorable?

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Pretty Print Studio

So I opened a SECOND Etsy store.  The blog templates and logos are selling well but I still love making prints.  So I started Pretty Print Studio.  

Here's a quick look at the items I've launched this week :)

You can visit my new store here

Friday, 22 November 2013

Crying On The School Run

Oh woe is me! No, seriously! I'm having a pity party this morning, and all are welcome to join...Please come.. i have biscuits!

So, I cried on the way home from dropping the kids off today. 

I cried because the lady in the office wouldn't accept a ten pound note for school dinners and insisted I brought in the exact correct change. Like I have nothing better to do? Like there's not a weeks worth of work to catch up on at home because I've had a virus. Let's not forget the house either, which looks like it was ransacked over night. 

There's egg on my dining table. Lot's of egg! And around twenty million or so mugs... And three hundred plates that should have been washed up last night but I just didn't. do. it. 


I didn't do it because I've been ill all week. And because i've been ill all week the whole house has fell apart. Literally. The toilet flusher stopped working and we found a rat in the bathroom because we thought living by the river was a good idea. 

The dog decided he would try wearing mud for a few days, but to his horror it keeps coming off - in the house - and he has to keep putting more on. 

The husband's boss decided this week was the best week for him to go off to another town to open a new store. Couldn't the store owners have waited until next week? 

And now my jeans won't do up. I have gained a dress size - over night! 

My hair is a mess, my face is pale. I look like a drug addict and my house resembles a drug den (minus the actual drugs). 

I decided I'd tidy up. I give in already! Not doing it is worse than doing it! But where to start? The mud covered kitchen? The rat infested bathroom? (I don't care if it was just one tiny rat... There will be more!) Should I bother to put away my clean washing, that mum has been doing for me because we are currently without a washing machine? When my clothes now no longer fit? 

I can't see a single surface in my house, or even a floor upstairs and my cushions are a mess! I'm usually such a domestic goddess. Well, on the tidying front anyway. 

And I wish I could just stop crying. Who cries at the school office lady anyway? I even cried at The Face (the modelling show) the other day. I didn't want the show to end and I cried with real tears. 

And then I think about all the sadness in the world and my pity party seems so selfish and undeserved and then I feel like a silly old mum. But I'm tired and stressed and desperate for communication with the outside world because I'm going stir crazy here. I don't have time to be ill! I have two businesses to run and two children to take care of and when I realise that I'm not coping so well, I wonder how many others are struggling too and how many other mums this morning got home from the school run to find egg all over their tables.

Or perhaps maybe some holes in their tights?

Glamourous, I know.