Saturday, 29 June 2013


Oh my gosh!  What a fun, exciting week we've had in the Williamson household.  Monday morning, we picked up our new baby.  His name is Arthur, he's 11 weeks old and he's a GoldenDoodle!

Arthur is a quiet fellow.  He's a tail wagging, poop machine too.  I've became permanently attached to a bottle of disinfectant and packs of puppy pads, but it's all so worth it.

He's full of so much love and he's incredibly smart and gentle.  
It's safe to say the whole household is completely in love with the little dude.  I promise he isn't as sad as he looks in his photos haha.

We've had some issues with leaving Arthur by himself & crate training because he just wants to be by our sides all of the time.  As soon as his second vaccinations are complete, we can take our little fluff ball with us everywhere, but until then, it's impossible to leave him by himself.

But we've had no destructive behaviour or nipping as of yet, so we're either truly blessed in this area of puppy-raising or we've still got all of that to come.

Isn't he adorable? *squeals!*

Welcome to the family Arthur!

Wednesday, 26 June 2013


I actually cannot believe my baby is now 8 years old!  It only seems like yesterday that I was carrying  Madisyn in my tummy.  But this little love is growing up and it's happening super fast!

Madi turned 8 on the 15th of June and what an amazing weekend we had.  With Madi's birthday on the Saturday, Father's day & Madi's party on the Sunday and my husband, Ashley's birthday on the Monday it was not only go-go-go, it was bloody expensive too!  It's this weekend of the year that has me keeping the local card stores in business.  I must have spent £30 alone on buying them for all 3 occasions from and for all members of the household.  Though Seb assures his sister he picked and bought his card for her himself, which he did not.

So we started the day a little differently than usual.  Ashley has this lovely idea of a 'dream family' routine for Birthdays & Christmas where we all eat breakfast and dress adequately for the celebrations before opening anything.  And we've really done it this way for the whole of the kids lives.  But not this year for Miss Madi.  We ate breakfast in a hurry and then dived straight in with the gifts and cards.  And she was certainly not disappointed.  With a whole new wardrobe, loads of glitzy fun bits and a NEW PHONE (I kid you not... What was we thinking?) she was definitely one bouncy, smiley happy little girlie!
She literally spent the whole day listening to music on her phone, head crowned with her new massive Moshi Monster headphones.  

But Sunday was super fun because we got to party!  It was the first year we'd arranged a disco for one of the kiddies and it was definitely the best way to celebrate.  Lot's of Madi's classmates and family friends arrived dressed to dance and some of the children even arrived with bouquets of flowers for her too.  It was completely adorable.  In total, Madisyn has an AWESOME birthday weekend and poor old dad celebrated his Father's day cleaning up a disco hall after hehe.

Friday, 21 June 2013


I gave a small sneak peek of Louise & Andy's wonderful wedding held at Chaucer Barn, Norfolk a while back on the blog but today I'm going to show so much more!

I recently closed my photography business so that I could deal with my health and although I have my last ever wedding coming up in July (which I know is going to be just as amazing), Louise & Andy's venue was such a treat and it saddens me to know I'll likely never shoot at this gorgeous place again.  So I'm really pleased I had the opportunity and I really want to share some more of their gorgeous photos with you all.  Not only was the venue smashing, Louise, Andy & their friends and family were wonderful.  Such a gorgeous bride & groom too!

So here is are some of my fav photos from one of my last weddings.