Saturday, 29 June 2013


Oh my gosh!  What a fun, exciting week we've had in the Williamson household.  Monday morning, we picked up our new baby.  His name is Arthur, he's 11 weeks old and he's a GoldenDoodle!

Arthur is a quiet fellow.  He's a tail wagging, poop machine too.  I've became permanently attached to a bottle of disinfectant and packs of puppy pads, but it's all so worth it.

He's full of so much love and he's incredibly smart and gentle.  
It's safe to say the whole household is completely in love with the little dude.  I promise he isn't as sad as he looks in his photos haha.

We've had some issues with leaving Arthur by himself & crate training because he just wants to be by our sides all of the time.  As soon as his second vaccinations are complete, we can take our little fluff ball with us everywhere, but until then, it's impossible to leave him by himself.

But we've had no destructive behaviour or nipping as of yet, so we're either truly blessed in this area of puppy-raising or we've still got all of that to come.

Isn't he adorable? *squeals!*

Welcome to the family Arthur!