Friday, 19 April 2013

Print vs Printable

It's been an exciting start to business.  Since launching the store last month i've been busily creating new items, networking with other seller's, bloggers & fans and experimenting with what works best for my customers.

When Print Me Prettiful was launched, the immediate plan was that i'd sell my designs digitally, enabling my customers to print their items at home.  The reason I chose to do it this way were simply because it kept costs low for my shoppers, especially those who live over seas.

After some reflecting, I decided half way into my first month of business that I actually wanted to sell my designs as physical prints.  I rearranged my Etsy Store first, changing prices accordingly, adding postage and feeling content that my shoppers simply ordered and received their prints with no hassle.
But I noticed shortly after doing this that my listing views lowered & sales stopped.  Working from the UK, it became evident that many of my customers were from the USA and my hefty postage costs were putting buyers off.

See, ordering a digital printable isn't actually a big task at all.  Once your order is complete, you have two easy, affordable options.  Most computer users have a printer so home printing is great and there's no waiting. Once you click to print, it's instant.  I always recommend premium weight paper is used (minimum of 200gsm) but majority of printers are capable of printing my designs in a beautiful way and you've saved many weeks waiting for your print to arrive in the post.

There is another option too.  You can take your digital file to a local printer and have your artwork printed professionally and quickly too whilst still saving money.  Alternatively, you can even upload your digital file to an online printing site that delivers locally and again, you're saving money and time compared to the costs and waiting times for me to deliver the print to you in a physical form.

So being true to the original idea of print Me Prettiful, I have changed my listings again. My prints will continue to be sold as printables and stay affordable for everybody.

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