Sunday, 19 May 2013


I've been busy making some changes to my blog design.  The first noticeable difference would be the header image... I not only changed it to a loving image of myself & the family, I also gave us all a makeover!  You'll notice I made sure I was wearing a crown.  Not because I consider myself to be the queen of the family or anything... More like the queen of the housework!

I've also added a new page *nods*.  I've only made a small start on it, but from now on, you can see my blog template design's here and be taken directly to the purchase listings.

Click here to see!

 I'll eventually be adding more pages with some excellent goodies for all my readers.

Outside of blogging-world, I've been decorating my little boy's new bedroom.  I say 'I', but I actually mean my dear mum.  I painted the ceiling - But the rest of the hard work is down to the pro-decorator herself.  Thanks mum! x

I'm now off to watch The Hunger Games.  I've recently finished the first two books after avoiding them for SO long and loved them - book reviews coming soon.

Happy Sunday!


  1. Well, it's my first visit to your blog, but it looks lovely. I really like your header! =0)
    I just added you to my G+ circles, and I'll head on over to visit your Etsy shop as well.
    Visiting from Blog It Up

    1. Thanks kim for stopping by and leaving a comment :-) I'm now heading over to you *packs flask of tea*

      Glad you like my header! The kids weren't impressed lol. See you around :-)