Thursday, 2 May 2013


So this is it...  I have designed and began the start of my personal blogging experience.  I've dabbled with the idea for a few years, but with many other failed blogs in other areas of my life, I have felt a little daunted by starting yet another.

I need a space on the web that isn't business related though.  I need somewhere for me to settle in, reach out to others and connect with all of you.  I need somewhere for me to simply be me.

Suffering with chronic illness is lonesome and frustrating.  I hope that my health doesn't define who I am through-out this blog, but I do hope to share my experiences with those of you who understand.  So firstly, I am a wife & mother.  I'm a photographer & designer and own a small online boutique selling personalised and premade printables, stationery and blogger templates as well as a local photography business.  And I also love to read & write.  

Wish me luck...

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